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Yuri, thank you for VNF Consulting Website Speed Optimization and SEO. We’re very happy with your SEO service which was always prompt and efficient.

Karl Froise

Yuri thank you so much for your excellent work ethic and dedication for the SEO of Valley of Peace guest house website. This is an absolute winner.

Linda Isaacs

Thanks Aimnet for amazing website SEO. I loved working with your team and will be referring others to you.

Vuyosani Bunga

From the word go this has been a transparent and pleasant experience with Reward, if you are thinking about it don’t hesitate! the service is always fast and the team is always a telephone call away to assist, i most definitely get more in return than what i give out, thank you Aimnet for shifting my business to the next level.

Donavan Lawrence

So happy with my website Speed Optimization and SEO ! Great service and always there to help! Definitely recommend this company

Leeanne Duplessis

Aimnet is the best……
Thank you for the great service you offer.

Britz Couriers & Removals

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Affordable SEO Services Packages

High quality custom campaigns. Transparent pricing & reporting. All through our in-house team. Consult with an SEO expert and get an obligation free quote.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

WordPress is the most popular and widely used open-source content management system, known for its incredible benefits. It is easy to understand, manage, and also affordable since the basic version of WordPress is FREE. Most of the businesses to bloggers are on WordPress, enjoying its numerous benefits, but sometimes sites hosted on WordPress can often be slow, which may affect SEO efforts and user experience using the website. Website visitors are often highly impatient and have no time to wait for your website to open.

People don’t visit a site that takes too long to load and if your website doesn’t load within a few seconds, you may lose a potential client. We are here to help businesses with WordPress websites by offering WordPress performance optimization. Our WordPress speed optimization service are designed to help businesses with the fastest loading times so that your visitors have the best possible experience while browsing your site. We have an in-depth knowledge of WordPress as well as how websites are hosted on the various platforms and we will provide you with a before and after optimization score of your website. Our advanced WordPress speed optimization services ensure you get the most effective website loading times possible.

Why Does Website’s Speed Matter?

It matters a lot because Google and other search engines love faster and optimized websites for ranking. The faster the site is, the higher will be the chances of its ranking on the first page of Google and that is what any businesses today is looking for. The speed of a website has a strong relation with ranking and we are experts to speed up WordPress sites. Another reason is – if your website is slow, your visitors may get tired of waiting for your website to load fully and drop off (bounce). This may lead to your website to losing visitors and thus affecting your sales and enquiries.

A slow site means lower conversion rates, which will push you back and give way to your competitors. If your site isn’t optimized properly, it will take a lot of unwanted resources and make the site open slowly which leads to visitors turning away from your site. Our WordPress Speed Optimisation Service is to speed up a WordPress site that enables your site users to get the best possible user experience.

Fix your slow website with AimNet

If your site takes up to 5 seconds to load, there is a strong chance of bounce rate increase of up to 90%. A high bounce rate will negatively affect your rankings, hence we are here to speed up a WordPress website which will recover your site rankings. This will also improve UX, boost SEO, and get more conversions (enquiries).

Our WordPress optimization process involves many steps including-

  • Caching mechanism setup
  • GZip Compression setup
  • Query Strings Removal
  • Database optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Minimize server requests
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Max Potential First Input Delay

Minify JavaScript and CSS and many more others

Why not book a call today? We would love to help you with our bespoke website performance optimization services to get you better search engine ranking in the long-run.

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